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America's Civil War is a full-color history magazine published bi-monthly which covers the American Civil War. It was established in 1988 by editor Roy Morris Jr. It covers the battles, campaigns, leaders, and common soldiers of the Civil War. It contains thought-provoking essays on the way the war is remembered today as well as lengthy first-hand accounts of the war. America's Civil War, along with its sister publication Civil War Times, is published in Leesburg, Virginia, by the Weider History Group.

America's Civil War has a number of sections, including:

Eyewitness to War - First-hand accounts from soldiers of the fighting

Personality - Study of an individual soldier in the war

Men & Material - A look at the materials used by the soldiers, including armaments, ordnance, foodstuffs, uniforms and horses

Commands - Study of an individual unit in the war

Preservation - A look at preservation efforts at Civil War battlefields and historic sites

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