Directed by John Frankenheimer
Written by David W. Rintels
Starring Jarrod Emick
Frederic Forrest
Ted Marcoux
Distributed by Turner Pictures
Release date(s) March 3, 1996
Running time 167 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Andersonville is a film directed by John Frankenheimer about a group of Union soldiers during the American Civil War who are captured by the Confederates and sent to an infamous Confederate prison camp.

The film is loosely based on the diary of John Ransom, a Union soldier imprisoned there. Although certain points of the plot are fabricated, the general conditions of the camp are very accurate to John Ransom's descriptions, particularly those parts in reference to the administration of the camp by Captain Wirz. His line on escaping prisoners is almost exactly similar to the book, "The Flying Dutchman (Wirz) offers to give two at a time twelve hours the start" (p. 71).[citation needed]

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