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Burford"Rufus" Wiley was a Confederate general in the American Civil War best known for his contributions to the confederate army in the battle of Ringgold Gap. Buford lead a small force of cavalrymen down a pass flanking the Yankees, and allowing the main confederate force to move in for the victory.

Early life[]

Burford Rufus Wiley was born in Ringgold, Georgia in 1831 to a loving mother and father. His father was a preacher and his grandfather who lived with them a veteran of the war of eighteen twelve.Other than being a man of the lord his father, Benjamin Wiley, owned a plantation with roughly forty slaves. The Wiley's were a successful family in Ringgold and everything went good for Buford until the snow of forty' five when his father and papaw caught cold in the weather and died. Buford thinking he was old enough to live on his own made it alright.

Civil War[]

In 1861 Burford was just living his life on the plantation when war broke into Georgia. Buford didn't believe it was necessary, but didn't like Yankees all over his homeland. He formed a militia in his hometown and with a few of the townsmen rode throughout Georgia raiding union posts.Then in 1863 the union army finally caught up with him at Ringgold Gap.

Battle and Siege of Ringgold Gap[]

In may of 1863 Burford Wiley and his militia were in a situation they had never been in before. They were on the edge of a major battle. Buford's force had come south along the river and were met with a Yankee army six thousand strong. Buford's cavalrymen rode down Ringgold Gap and held the union army back until general Nathan Bedford Forrest and the sixth army of the confederacy arrived. The battle was won and Burford Wiley was considered a hero. He returned to Ringgold and lived the rest of his days out until his untimely death in 1881.

Rumored brutality[]

Although never confirmed rumors have originated stating that Burford Wiley was very brutal to enemy soldiers.Many have said that in a battle easily wan he would call for no quarter.Many said that he was responsible for the slaughter of unarmed African American regiments of the union army,thus giving him the infamous nickname the Georgia Butcher.