Benjamin Reuben Kemp was the representative from Dubois County elected in 1863.    Benjamin was born on October 31, 1830, the oldest son of Henry and Sarah Cox Kemp.    He was born in Dubois County, Indiana on his father's farm, the oldest of 13 children.    He received his education at the Seminary at Dale, Indiana.    Benjamin was one of the early school teachers in southern Indiana and taught various subscription schools around southern Indiana.    He also taught at the log schoolhouse on his father's farm which doubled as a church building for the United Brethren Church on Sundays.    Benjamin was elected Dubois County Surveyor in 1856 and served in that capacity until his election to the General Assembly in 1863.    Benjamin was actively involved in recruiting for the Union Army when he contracted consumption in December of 1864.    He died on his farm in southern Indiana on December 11, 1864.     His grave is in the old Mt. Vernon Cemetery which he at one time surveyed.   

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