Template:Infobox Politician Gabriel Poindexter (September 26, 1827 - September 11, 1890) was born in Memphis, Indiana[1][2] and he would serve in the Civil War, and serve as mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Gabriel is also the father of Harry Poindexter, who would also become mayor of Jeffersonville.

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Gabriel would marry his wife Mary Willey of Jeffersonville in the winter of 1850 and he would make a living as a merchant and fruit farmer until the start of the Civil War. In 1861 Gabriel enlisted in the 38th Indiana Infantry Regiment and would serve as a Captain of company H.[2][3] Following the war the Poindexter family would move into Jeffersonville.[1] Gabriel would become the mayor of Jeffersonville and serve from 1867 to 1869.[4][5]

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