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George Varney (1834–1911) was a brevet brigadier general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Born in Levant, Maine, he was a wholesale grocer in Bangor, Maine when the war broke out in 1861.

Varney enlisted as a major in the 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which was the first unit to march out of the state in response to Lincoln's call for volunteers. He was captured in the unit's first engagement, the Battle of Bull Run, in July, 1861, but exchanged for a captured Confederate officer a month later. Promoted to Lt. Col., Varney was captured a second time (and exchanged a second time) at the Battle of Gaines' Mill in 1862. He suffered a head wound at the Battle of Fredericksburg, but was made colonel of the regiment in 1863 with the retirement of Col. Charles Roberts. Varney was among a number of colonels who were retired as brevet brigadier generals in 1865.

Varney lived the rest of his life in Bangor, Maine and is one of eight union generals buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery


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