Harvey Wallis Salmon (January 26, 1839 – April 27, 1927) was a U.S. politician from Missouri.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was born in Greenville County, South Carolina. As a child, he re-settled in Morgan County, Missouri. At age 13, he was employed as a store clerk in Versailles, Missouri. In 1859, he entered into a partnership with his brother to establish a general store. During the first year of the American Civil War, he served in the Missouri State Guard. He returned to Morgan County, serving as a Confederate Army recruiter when he was captured by Union forces and held for ten months. Upon his release from captivity, he re-joined the Confederate Army, serving on the general staff. Following the war, he moved to Clinton, Missouri, where he engaged in the banking and real estate industries. From 1873 to 1875, he served as State Treasurer of Missouri. He was buried in Englewood Cemetery in Clinton, Missouri.

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