The Confederate Senate was the upper house of the Congress of the Confederate States of America. Its members were, like those of the United States Senate, elected for six year terms by the state legislature of each state, with each state having two senators. The Confederate Senate met only between 1862 and 1865.

In addition to the eleven states that made up the Confederacy, representatives were also seated from Kentucky and Missouri, which were never controlled by the Confederacy and remained in the Union throughout the war.

Members of the Confederate Senate were divided into classes by lot on February 21, 1862. Class one 1862-64 and 1864–70, Class two 1862-66, and Class three 1862-68 as follows:

Alabama[edit | edit source]

Arkansas[edit | edit source]

Florida[edit | edit source]

Georgia[edit | edit source]

Kentucky[edit | edit source]

Louisiana[edit | edit source]

Mississippi[edit | edit source]

Missouri[edit | edit source]

North Carolina[edit | edit source]

South Carolina[edit | edit source]

Tennessee[edit | edit source]

Texas[edit | edit source]

Virginia[edit | edit source]

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