Miklós Perczel
[[Image:200px|center|200px|border]]An engraving by Károly Rusz in the Vasárnapi Újság ("Sunday News") of 13 October 1867
Personal Information
Born: December 15, 1812(1812-12-15)
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Died: March 4, 1904 (aged 91)
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Other Information
Allegiance: Revolutionary Hungarian Army
Union Army
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Rank: Colonel
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Battles: Battle of Pákozd (1848)
Battle of Mór (1848)
Battle of Temesvár (1849)
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Template:Eastern name order Sir Miklós Perczel de Bonyhád (15 December 1812, Bonyhád, Tolna county – 4 March 1904, Baja), was a Hungarian landholder, general, and one of the leaders of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. After the emigration he participated in the American Civil War as a colonel of the Union Army. He had signification role in the liberation of Missouri. His older brother was Mór Perczel.

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