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Richard Henry Dulany
[[Image:300px|center|200px|border]]Military portrait of Colonel Richard Henry Dulany
Personal Information
Born: 1820
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Died: 1906
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Branch: Confederate States Army Cavalry
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Rank: Colonel
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Unit: 7th Virginia Cavalry
Battles: American Civil War
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Colonel Richard Henry Dulany (August 10, 1820 - October 31, 1906) was born in Loudoun County, Virginia and was the son of John Peyton Dulany and Mary Ann DeButts. The Dulany family descend from the O'Dulaneys of Queen's County, Ireland, and reached America when Daniel Dulany the Elder arrived in Port Tobacco, Maryland, in 1703.

Richard Dulany married his cousin Rebecca Anne Dulany and they had five children: Mary, Fanny, Johnnie, Hal and Richard ("Dick"). The Dulanys resided first at Old Welbourne until it burned down in a fire in the 1800s. They then moved to the present Welbourne, where the descendants, now in the eighth generation, still live today.

Colonel Dulany founded the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in 1853. It is the oldest horse show in America. He also founded the Piedmont Hunt in 1840, one of the oldest foxhunting organizations in the country.

During the American Civil War, Dulany was first a captain, and then colonel of the 7th Virginia Cavalry.

He died in Upperville, Virginia in 1906.

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