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So Red the Rose
Directed by King Vidor
Written by

Maxwell Anderson
Edwin Justus Mayer
Laurence Stallings

Stark Young (novel)
Starring Margaret Sullavan
Cinematography Victor Milner
Editing by Eda Warren
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Country Template:USA
Language English

So Red the Rose is a 1935 motion picture drama directed by King Vidor. The Civil War-era romance is based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Stark Young.

Primary cast[]

  • Margaret Sullavan - Valette Bedford, a Plantation mistress
  • Walter Connolly - Malcolm Bedford, a Plantation owner, Valette's father
  • Randolph Scott - Duncan Bedford, a Confederate soldier, Valette's distant cousin
  • Harry Ellerbe - Edward Bedford, Valette's brother
  • Robert Cummings - Archie Pendleton, Edward's friend from Texas
  • Clarence Muse - Cato, a slave field hand
  • Daniel L. Haynes - William Veal, a slave house servant
  • Elizabeth Patterson - Mary, Valette's cousin

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  • Rodriguez, Junius P. Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellion. Greenwood milestones in African American history. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 2007. ISBN 0313332711

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