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The Blockade Runners (French: Les Forceurs de blocus) is a 1865 short story by Jules Verne [1] In 1871 it was published in single volume together with novel A Floating City as a part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series (The Extraordinary Voyages). An English translation was published in 1874.

Plot introduction[]

The American civil war plot centers on the exploits of James Playfair who must break the Federalist blockade of the harbour of Charleston in South Carolina harbour to trade supplies for cotton and, later in the book, to rescue the father of a young girl held prisoner by the Confederates. Verne's tale was inspired by reality as many ships were actually lost while acting as Blockade runners in and around Charleston in the early eighteen sixties.

Film, TV or theatrical adaptations[]

It has recently been produced as a radio play [2].

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