United States Marine Hospital
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
The former U.S. Marine Hospital in 2008.
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Location: 800 St. Anthony Street
Mobile, Alabama
Coordinates: 30°41′29.24″N 88°3′17.06″W / 30.6914556°N 88.0547389°W / 30.6914556; -88.0547389Coordinates: 30°41′29.24″N 88°3′17.06″W / 30.6914556°N 88.0547389°W / 30.6914556; -88.0547389
Built/Founded: 1842
Architect: Bunnell, Frederick
Architectural style(s): Greek Revival
Governing body: Mobile County Board of Health
Added to NRHP: June 27, 1974[1]
NRHP Reference#: 74000428[1]

The United States Marine Hospital is a historic Greek Revival hospital building in Mobile, Alabama, United States. Construction began in 1838 and was completed in 1842. It was designed by architect Frederick Bunnell and was operated by the Marine Hospital Service from its opening until it closed, in 1952. It treated injured Confederate and Union soldiers during the American Civil War.[2] It shares some design features, such as its two-story colonnades, with its neighbor, the old Mobile City Hospital.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 27, 1974.[1] The Mobile County Board of Health acquired title to the property from the Tuberculosis Association on October 23, 1975. By 1983 the board had created an adjoining new structure to the rear of the main structure and restored the historic building. The facility was rededicated as the Major General William C. Gorgas Clinic in 1984.[3]

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