William E. Blaisdell
[[Image:File:Brig Gen William Blaisdell.png|center|200px|border]]Brig. Gen. William Blaisdell
Personal Information
Born: November 15, 1815
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Died: June 23, 1864
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
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Branch: United States Army
Union Army
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Rank: Bvt. Brigadier General
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Commands: 11th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Corcoran Legion
Battles: Mexican-American War
American Civil War
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William E. Blaisdell was an officer in the Regular Army of the United States prior to and during the Mexican-American War. After Mexican War, he returned to civilian life as an inspector in the Boston Customs House. At the commencement of the Civil War he was offered the rank of captain in the Regular Army but instead chose to serve in the Volunteer Army, accepting the rank of lieutenant colonel with the 11th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He was eventually promoted to colonel and the command of the 11th Massachusetts. By the summer of 1864, he was in temporary command of the Corcoran Legion. He was killed during the Siege of Petersburg on June 23, 1864 and posthumously received the honorary rank of brevet brigadier general[1]

Early service and Mexican-American War[edit | edit source]

Civil War[edit | edit source]

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