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The Wisconsin Veterans Museum, located on Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, is dedicated to the soldiers of the state of Wisconsin. The museum is composed of two award-winning galleries that chronicle the history of Wisconsin citizens who served in their nation's wars from the American Civil War to the Persian Gulf War.

The 19th century gallery showcases Wisconsin's involvement in the Civil War. It includes a large diorama depicating the Battle of Antietam. Visitors are also available to research their ancestors' Civil War records using two state-of-the-art computers available in the gallery.

In the 20th century gallery, exhibits illustrate Wisconsin veterans' roles in the Mexican Border campaign, the First and Second World Wars and also the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf conflicts. Three full-scale aircraft, a Sopwith Camel from World War I, a P-51 Mustang from World War II and a Huey helicopter from the Vietnam War, are displayed in the gallery as well.

Located at 30 West Mifflin Street in Madison since 1993, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an award-winning and world-renowned museum.

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